BPD is a serious mental illness affecting one's ability to form a cohesive identity, maintain relationships, and create a life worth living. Additionally, symptoms of BPD like suicidality, impulsivity, and emotion dysregulation deeply affect our loved ones. 


Coral More is a speaker, educator, and gardener living with BPD. During her undergraduate degree in psychology, she researched motivations for suicide attempts in BPD and presented her senior thesis at the North American Society for the Study of Personality Disorders and the Canadian Psychological Association annual conferences in 2019.  She has delivered guest lectures on BPD for the University of British Columbia. Coral has also spoken about BPD in a TedX talk and in her performance poetry. Currently, Coral resides in Victoria, B.C. with her wife and golden retriever puppy, where she is focusing on her wellbeing and tending to her flower and vegetable garden.

To book Coral as a speaker or guest lecturer please email her at coralmore@gmail.com